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The work starts as soon as you choose to come and will enrich you for the rest of your life

Our offers

Immersion Package

Come and immerse yourself in the Osa before the retreat. Give yourself the space to settle into her healing energy, engage with her beauty, and get to know our tribe members a bit better before you step into the ceremony space!

Provided with housing on our site, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, wind down and open up to what life gifts us each moment of every day. 

Medicine Nights

Open yourself to the teaching of the Divine Mother Ayahuasca. She is a vine from the jungle and is known as a Teacher plant,  being the basis of their traditional medicine among more than 75 tribes of the Amazon area. She is cooked with leaves from a bush called Chacruna and is offered to us in a ceremony in honor of reflection and cleansing.

The work with the Divine Mother is for those who seek to learn more about themselves and are open to surrendering to sense what life has in store for them. We are hosting our ceremonies at the beautiful neighboring retreat location of Ojo del Mar


Integration Package

Give yourself time to integrate your experience of the weekend and explore our interdependency with one another and the greater-than-human world.


Share the gift that you received by taking part in local projects that are designed to support and accompany the Osa community in their transition towards a more regenerative community!

Read more about the projects here!

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