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Shanti Wasi Sacred Plant journeys

Join us for an insightful Sacred Plant journey at Ojo del Mar in de Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. We offer 2  ceremony nights over 3 days in the midst of 2.5% of the Earth's biodiversity at a secluded place where the rainforest meets the ocean.
Our experienced tribe members offer you a safe space during, between, and after the journeys to support you to grow and align with your highest potential by learning from Master Teacher plants.
Check our retreat dates below to see your next possibility.

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Dates & prices 2024

March 14-17th

April 18-21st 

May  29th -June 1st

June 26-29th

July 25-28th

August 15-18th


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Your home away from home

Shanti Wasi 

We are a place to come and transform your load into light,
where you can Work on the areas in your life that you know need to be healed.
We are a place that nurtures you w
ith natural medicines,
where you are invited back into (y)our wholeness.

The Shanti Wasi sacred plant retreats are a safe and heartfelt space for transformational journeys. Since 2008 we have created countless spaces for growth and regeneration by working with Master Teacher plants. We offer intimate retreats with a diverse and trusted team. Each retreat is a unique expression defined by the energy of our tribe, participants, and love for humanity within our natural world. 
We honor the traditions of our lineages while providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that makes this sacred work accessible to all.

Besides our Sacred Plant retreats, we also offer vacation rentals!

Retreat into a place that is home to 2.5% of the Earth's biodiversity 

Reciprocity in action

The Shanti Wasi tribe is blessed with the possibility of offering our retreats in one of the most extraordinary places on Earth.
We are honored to be fuelled with indigenous wisdom from the Amazon.
We are delighted with the voices of beautiful musicians.

We always say that re-establishing healthy relationships with ourselves and our greater-than-human world, for the biggest part happens outside of the retreat space.
Therefore, many of us are engaged in local community projects in the Osa and acquire our necessities as locally/recycled as possible. Besides our own physical actions, we also promote a personal support system that invites contributions of gratitude via the links below.

Reciprocity in action
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