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Retreat Osa Peninsula
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Ayahuasca retreat
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Medicine Nights, Osa Peninsula
Medicine retreats, Costarica
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Ayahuasca retreat
shantiwasi, Retreat Osa Peninsula
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Sacred Plant Journeys

Open yourself to the ancestral guidance of Master teacher plants that are traditionally used in the amazon basin for many generations. Combined with the sharing of songs and prayer you are invited into deep reflection and cleansing to open yourself to your highest potential. Aligning our body, mind, and spirit and surrendering to sense what life has in store for us.


Our retreats take place at Ojo Del Mar, a magical location at a secluded beach on the Osa Peninsula. We offer you 2 nights of ceremony over 3 days and various other re-treatments* such as massages and acupuncture.


Read more about our Ceremonies in our Welcome Letter and Retreat Itinerary.

*Not included in the package


Price includes meals on days 2, and 3 & breakfast on day 4 following the Dieta


Dates 2024

March 14-17th
April 18-21tst 
May  29th - June 1st
June 26-29th
July 25-28th
August 15-18th

We're all walking each other home



In order to help ensure that you have a magnificent, positive, and healthy retreat experience, please take time to review the preparation guidelines carefully.

We recommend following the Dieta for at least two weeks prior to your first ceremony date - and definitely for 3 days before and after. The longer you can maintain a clean diet after the retreat, the deeper and longer the medicine will work with you. Read our preparation package for more information about The Dieta, and also to become aware of medications and substances that cause adverse reactions if combined with the Medicine.

In any case, try to arrive as intentionally, present, and clean as possible in the ceremony space. We recommend at least:

- Have your last (light vegetarian) meal without salt, sugar, or hot sauce at 12pm

- No Alcohol consumption 5 days prior to the ceremony

- No meat and heavy food 24 hrs prior to the ceremony

- Bring comfortable clothes, a flashlight and water

This type of Work goes beyond ceremony spaces, it's the Work of Life

Our Tribe

From the beginning, a team of loving members has committed to offering our sacred plant journeys and growing together as a family.

Our ceremony spaces are held by a team of loving and experienced individuals. 


Jim & Sassy lead the way with their beautiful dance of masculine and feminine energy accompanied by experienced ceremony musicians with beautiful voices and instruments. 


After the retreat, there are various forms of support available for integrating your experience. For more info about this work, you can approach us during the retreats or get in touch below

The team

Embark on a journey from our outside world to our inner nature


A transformative healing experience - anonimous
The entire experience was perfectly planned and executed. People came to be healed and they came out receiving so much more. The Ecolodge could not be a more perfect venue for this retreat - the food, staff hospitality, and proximity to nature were unforgettable and integral parts of the experience. The ceremony leaders and helpers (angels) were nothing short of amazing. I felt completely safe and supported throughout the entire journey.
An Amazing Experience - Pete Phillipps

An incredible weekend and a life changing experience. Trish, Sassy and the rest of the team make this such a challenging but rewarding experience. Couldn't recommend this highly enough. It took me many days of travel to get there from the other side of the world however was worth every moment. If you are looking to move forward with your life this is a must do. The retreat itself is set in the most beautiful natural surrounding which just enhances the whole experience.

Truly transformative and enlightening - anonimous

I feel absolutely reborn and feel a renewed sense of purpose and newfound energy from this retreat.
The ceremony staff was incredible, and somehow seemed to cater to what I needed from the medicine.
The retreat location is magical. The lodging staff was helpful and filled with kindness. The food was comforting and nourishing.
Thank you from the bottom of my endless heart Shanti Wasi!


Sit, breathe, open up and surrender

Medicine Music

Our music honors our lineage and the expression of talented musicians. Therefore, Our ceremony space is filled with a mix of Traditional Icaros and self-written songs that are inspired by the messages and creativity that the Teacher plants opens in us. 

Check out our Soundcloud for streaming, and get in touch with us for downloads!

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  • How many people will there be in the ceremony?
    We take a maximum of 25 participants, and normally have 4-6 facilitators.
  • How many times do we sit in ceremony?
    Our retreats are 3 nights in length, 2 of which we sit in ceremony (the first 2 nights) and the last one we use for an integration dinner with music from our ceremony musicians!
  • Can I sit just one night?
    We recommend that participants sit both nights, as this is a cumulative experience that is most effective if you are present for the whole retreat.
  • What style/lineage to the ceremonies follow?
    Due to the diverse experience and knowledge of facilitators, the Shanti Wasi ceremonies to not follow any one style/lineage specifically, but bring varied influences into the maloka. Songs (icaros) are sung mainly in Quechua, Spanish, Shipibo and English, but other languages and lineages can also make an entrance depending on the flow of the circle.
  • What do we do when not in ceremony?
    We will have an integration circle each morning after a ceremony, which gives everyone the opportunity to share and process their experiences. Apart from that there is no fixed schedule, allowing you be as active or restful as you need. The retreat center is right on the beach of Playa Sombrero, and is close to beautiful rainforest trails and a waterfall. You can spend your free time surfing, drawing, reading, hiking or sleeping - it’s completely up to you!
  • Is this a good place to have my first experience with sacred plant teachers?
    Definitely! We always have a good number of participants that are on their first Sacred plant journey, and we pride ourselves in providing exceptional care and support both before, during and after.

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